Code of Ethics and Conduct


The rules of ethics include the principles that our company's employees must comply with while performing their duties and the principles regarding working order. The purpose of these principles is; To outline the basic rules that must be followed and to prevent any disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise between employees, business partners, customers, and our institution.



Yenmak has adopted the principle of honesty as a priority value in all business processes and business relations with its stakeholders and employees.


It is any relationship that is not or does not seem to be in the interest of the person or the administration. Conflict of interest is a set of behaviors that negatively affect the ability of a person or an administration to fulfill their responsibilities and duties impartially.


Individuals and/or companies who want to start working within Yenmak are required to convey to the processing officer any issues that may be perceived as a conflict of interest arising from potential or existing situations that may arise over time during the preliminary interview process. Depending on the level of the situation where a conflict of interest may occur, it is mandatory to inform a higher-level superior - official.

Not to provide unfair advantage to himself, his relatives, or third parties by taking advantage of his title and authority, 

To be careful not to have a conflict of interest with the current institution in personal investments to be made.

To take care that personal investments or pursuits other than any business activity do not prevent the person from giving time and attention to his current duty, and to avoid such situations that prevent him from focusing on the main tasks in the Yenmak workflow,

To inform the Yenmak Ethics Board if the employee and the people in the first-degree decision-making position regarding the same job in the company, which is the customer or supplier, are first-degree relatives. 

To inform the Yenmak Ethics Board if it is learned that relatives have shares or financial interests in another company with which we have commercial relations.


Yenmak employees should not ask for gifts, earnings, aid, entertainment, special discounts, commissions, or discounts for their benefit, other than materials given in accordance with commercial traditions, customs, and traditions, or materials of a souvenir/promotional nature, that would affect their impartiality, decisions and behavior, or receive any such kind of discounts. They should not accept offers.

Our employees must not accept cash or gifts of cash value, regardless of amount, or borrow money from suppliers, consultants, competitors or customers.

Our employees participate in conferences, receptions, promotional events, seminars, etc. open to general participation, organized by people and institutions that have or have the potential to have business relationships.

Sports activities, domestic and international trips, etc. that are influential in decision-making or may be perceived as such. Participation in invitations and events must be submitted to the approval of the Business Manager.


YENMAK's private trade secrets, financial information, all information obtained during the working period, materials, programs and documents, computer and telecommunication systems, database, advertising, product packaging and labels, personnel personal information, customer lists, prices, products, hardware -software and all other regulations and applications, as well as all work done, agreements and products developed by employees during their working time in the institution, are confidential and under the ownership of the institution. 

Information obtained about third parties during the study is also within this scope.

It is a legal crime to use such documents for personal and private interests or the benefit of third parties, institutions and organizations, during the period of employment in the institution or after leaving work.


For employees leaving Yenmak to do business with Yenmak companies as a salesman, contractors, consultants, brokerage, representatives, dealers or similar;

She/he has no disciplinary record in the company she previously worked for.

There should be no conflict of interest due to previous positions.

If these conditions are met, the report prepared by the relevant unit manager must be approved by the ethics committee for those who leave their jobs to do business with Yenmak.


Yenmak, stated in Article 6 of the Political Parties Law No. 2820 of the Republic of Turkey that it respects the right of its employees who are Turkish citizens to participate individually in political activities.

Employees who are not Turkish citizens can become members of organizations internationally recognized as political parties if they meet the following conditions.

The following are expected from all our employees who take part in political activities:

It must be made clear that the company does not represent the Company in any way. 

Employees must stay away from situations that may create a conflict of interest in their current duties and responsibilities due to the political activities in which they are involved.

Company name, title within the company, and company resources cannot be used in political activities carried out individually… 

Political propaganda cannot be made during working hours and in the workplace environment, employees cannot be asked to become members of a political party in any way, and other employees' time cannot be taken for these activities…



To work by the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international law in all domestic and international areas where our company operates…

To provide accurate, complete and understandable information promptly to the institutions and organizations responsible for making legal regulations..

While carrying out all our business activities, we remain at an equal distance to all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative formations, non-governmental organizations and political parties, without any expectation of benefit, and we fulfill our obligations with this awareness of responsibility.


To adapt to the developing economic, technological and ecological conditions, we take into account the environmental impacts that all our processes, quality and environmental management systems can cause to the air, water and soil, with the participation of all our employees and suppliers, and all legal conditions and other environmental protection requirements accepted by our company. To adopt the principle of taking control and continuous improvement and development to meet the satisfaction at the highest level.

We work with a proactive approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to our customer’s needs and demands in the shortest time and in the most accurate way.

We provide our services on time and under the conditions we promise; To approach our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy. Carefully protect our customers' confidential information.


We provide our services on time and under the conditions we promise; To approach our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy. To carefully protect the confidential information of our customers…

We value our employees, consider it our duty to ensure their health and safety, and protect them.

To raise their awareness by regularly training them for their health and safety.

We respect the rights and freedoms of our employees and provide a fair working environment without any discrimination.

We plan working hours and days off fairly, taking into account the personal rights and social lives of our employees. We do not employ them in any situation that would force them to do so.

Under no circumstances can Yenmak employees be discriminated against based on religion, language, color, gender, political opinion, age and physical disability, etc. Reasons cannot be discriminated against and those who do so cannot be ignored…

Harassment and/or mobbing is not allowed in the workplace under any circumstances…

Evaluating and responding to employees' opinions and suggestions and taking motivation-enhancing measures,

Not to share private information about employees with third parties without the employee's permission and knowledge, except for legal obligation.,

Yenmak respects human rights and is against forced labor, human trafficking and modern slavery; It is strictly prohibited to implement and support in Yenmak group of companies.

Yenmak; does not support child labor under any circumstances, and acts by applicable laws and regulations and minimum age provisions.


Creating mutual value in business relations with suppliers and dealers and conducting communication openly, directly and accurately,

To decide with objective criteria in the selection of suppliers and dealers,

To comply with reasonable confidentiality and occupational safety rules requested by the supplier during supplier and dealer inspections and visits.


To support studies that will contribute to economic, social and environmental development,

To show sensitivity to issues that concern society and to support the positive development of society,

Kazım KAHVECİOĞLU, one of the founders of Yenmak, has a guiding word in contributing to economic and social development: "Employing 300 people is more enjoyable than owning 300 tons of gold." Working according to your word in all situations.


Our business partners, customers and other stakeholders; trust Yenmak, which was established with domestic capital, thanks to our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep this reputation at the highest level.

We provide our services within the framework of company policies, national and international standards, our commitments, ethical rules and national values, and we show the necessary dedication to fulfill our obligations professionally.



If employees learn or suspect that the Code of Ethical Conduct or the laws and regulations to which the company is subject have been violated, they are obliged to convey this to their immediate manager or, as the case may be, to their Senior Manager. Disclosure of any notification made by the person in a way that would negatively affect the peace in the workplace or business relations with third parties will be strictly prevented. 

It should be ensured that the notification mechanism is in line with the interests of the company.

The person making the notification must be free from any intention such as gossiping about the person being reported or trying to negatively affect their career. In this regard, confidentiality, objectivity and compliance with ethical rules are extremely critical issues in the reporting and investigation process. Both the person making the notification and the person managing the process must pay utmost attention to this issue. False and/or slanderous advice is interpreted as the ethical rules of stability.


The Ethical Conduct Board will serve to better evaluate inappropriate situations regarding ethical rules, to implement disciplinary practices and to ensure parallelism in practices.

The Ethical Conduct Board consists of the following people:

Business Manager (Head of Yenmak Ethical Conduct Board)

Factory Manager (Vice Chairman of Yenmak Ethical Conduct Board)

Other members of the board of directors are determined by the Business Manager and Factory Manager depending on the degree of ethical rule violation.


Following violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct, the following disciplinary penalties are imposed:

If there is an abuse that is determined to be intentional; Dismissal by the relevant articles of the labor law and, if deemed necessary, initiating legal action. (The beneficial deeds done by the person who knowingly gained an unfair advantage in the past cannot constitute a reason for partial or complete amnesty on the decision taken.)

If there is no abuse or negligence due to carelessness or ignorance; Give verbal or written warning appropriate to the impact of the event.

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