Communication in Yenmak
Since the day we were founded, we have been based on mutual information sharing and listening. Creating an environment where all our employees can express their thoughts and ideas clearly at all levels of our organization is one of our core values.

Commitment to Quality in Yenmak
We maintain and improve our quality management system with the participation and support of all our units in our goal of delivering Yenmak quality to our customers, which we have created with a high quality product and reliable service understanding.  

Customer orientation in Yenmak 
All positive and negative feedbacks of our customers are valuable and guiding for us. For this reason, we stand by our customers not only at the sales stage but also after the sales. We work with flexible, effective and innovative approaches to meet the expectations of our internal and external customers by understanding our demands and needs quickly and accurately with all our units.

Investment and Development in Yenmak
We closely follow changing technology and all other conditions and adapt to the changing age with our investments. 

Respect in Yenmak
We respect differences; and approach our employees with confidence and respect without discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion and political view, and act in a transparent and fair manner in accordance with the laws and business ethics.

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