As a QUALITY POLICY, YENMAK aims to provide its customers with engine cylinder liners and pistons it produces, engine rings, engine bearings and engine repair parts granted with representation as a package.

Our company has always taken the improvement product quality and service conditions as basis in order to satisfy its customers.

In order to comply with the developing economic, technological and ecological conditions, with the participation of all our employees and suppliers of our processes, our quality and environmental management system, the environmental impacts we can contribute to the air, water and soil, taking into account all legal conditions accepted by our company and other environmental protection requirements; adopting the principle of continuous improvement and development by taking it under control so as to meet its satisfaction at the highest level, ensuring employee’s satisfaction, development and environmental protection awareness through effective information flow and trainings, to provide a more conscious service to our customers and to provide a healthy clean and safe environment to our employees, customers, sub-industries and society, realizing its production to meet all national and international standards including low natural resource consumption, more recycled materials and internal combustion engine pistons and piston pin production is an environmental and quality policy of Yenmak.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction in all our activities and to produce products in accordance with national and internationally accepted values and standards;

spreading quality awareness to all our staff and suppliers, increasing their knowledge and skills through trainings, adopting the principle of team work and thus  contributing to continuous development activities with the aim of meeting the quality, efficiency and timely delivery conditions at every stage; 

minimizing customer complaints, continuously improving the success of our company and the processes affecting the quality of our products and the effectiveness of the quality management system by complying with the conditions of the quality management system, 

doing every job the first time and right is the quality policy of Yenmak Engine Liner factory.

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