Yenmak, which continues to serve by producing liners for the Spare Parts Sector, has started the production of pistons by completing the necessary investments for piston production in the following times. Currently, it continues its activities with its own foundry and experienced team in 10000 m² open and 7000 m² closed area.

It is the part that ensures the occurrence of strokes with its movements in the cylinder. The piston is a cylinder that acts on the motion of the engine. The disc-shaped piston helps convert mechanical energy into chemical energy in motor vehicles.

In a motorized system, the crankshaft must rotate in order for the combustion energy to turn into mechanical energy. Here is the piston that moves to turn the crankshaft. Because it pushes the piston with expanding gas and after that the crankshaft, which is connected to the piston rod, starts to rotate.

Piston is an apparatus connected to the crank system in motor vehicles. It is possible to prolong the life of the engine by minimizing the detrition of the piston. The material of the piston and its oval form are clues that support this period of use. Although it looks like a simple apparatus, the piston, which requires engineering knowledge to be dimensioned, is one of the most important parts in a motor vehicle.

Based on all this information, more and the experience gained, pistons produced for gasoline and diesel engines between 60 mm and 175 mm diameter sizes are on the market under the brand Yenmak. Yenmak uses its own experience to produce pistons using the most suitable raw material for engines of every different model, and the piston structure suitable for the purpose.

There are annular-shaped rings around the piston. These rings not only allow the piston to fit in the cylinder, but also prevent gases from leaking and oil from entering the chamber.

The movement of the piston with the burning of the gases is as follows: In the upper part of the piston, there is a combustion chamber cavity in the engine upper block. Fresh air and fuel are ignited to this area by spark plug. The fuel that explodes because it ignites moves the piston.

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