Having started liner production in 1965, Yenmak continues its production activities in our cylinder liner factory located in Konya, one of which is 5000 m² open and 4000 m² closed area, with more than 150 qualified personnel.

In the production of cylinder liners,  Yenmak is of a wide range of products including cylinder liner, between 55 mm and 185 mm diameter, for water and air cooled, dry type, water type, air cooled and compressor cylinder liners for gasoline and diesel engines and compressors.

YENMAK realizes the material and alloy properties required by the world standards in the cylinder liners it produces after the melting process in its foundry; it performs the casting process with centrifugal casting machines in accordance with modern technology by making the necessary quality analyzes and modifications. It provides continuous standardization of casting conditions together with the new type centrifugal casting machines and ensures the continuity of quality with the quality control activities it performs at every stage of production.

In the cylinder liner production factory, Yenmak carries out production by closely following the technological developments and checks 100% all produced cylinder liners for critical characteristics that will affect the performance of the engine in the quality control devices specific to cylinder liners, and provides access to end user

Yenmak continues to be the “Power in Your Engine” by continuously enhancing the performance of the cylinder liner in the engine with the most ideal solution it offers, by combining the material and alloy properties that affect wear, working life and thermal diffusion in all cylinder liners it produces.

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