Starting to manufacture liners in 1965, Yenmak strengthened its brand in the world market by increasing its product range and product quality in parallel.

The cylinder liner is an element in which the pistons move and the combustion occurs. The cylinder liner, or the engine liner, is the part that forms the outer frame in the upward and downward movement of the pistons. The pistons move through the connecting rod through the cylinder liner.

Today, Yenmak manufactures dry and wet engine cylinder liners for water and air-cooled, gasoline and diesel engines by capturing the most sensitive tolerance limits between 55 mm and 185 mm in diameter. Yenmak has managed to adapt to all liners produced by providing the ideal solution in terms of wear, working life and thermal diffusion to cylinder liners.

Among our products are thousands of different types of liners, including air cooled, compressor, wet type, dry type, and train and sea liners of current manufacturers.

Yenmak continues its production activities by using state-of-the-art systems in 2 separate plants with more than 400 skilled personnel.

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